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Dr. Ulteig was very informative upon my initial visit. I was . a little disappointed after my colonoscopy to hear I had Diverticulitis and wasn’t offered any information on how to manage it or how bad it was just “eat whatever diet you choose”. Not very helpful information.

A.G. Google

My experience with this Doctor was amazing. She explained everything with me about the procedure.

R.M. Google

My consult visit with Dr. Ulteig was very pleasant. The office staff is efficient and my wait was short.

S.W. Google

Have had Dr Steinberg as my Gastroenterologist for years; great guy. Staff are always friendly and helpful. If there’s anything that needs work it’s their communication system, which I understand they are transitioning to a new system now. Very much recommend them!

J.W. Google

Pleasant staff. Minimal wait time and Doctor was great.

V.P. Google


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When you choose Gastroenterology Associates of Florida, rest assured that your gastroenterology care will be managed by the best in the state. Our top-rated gastroenterologists leverage leading-edge care for GI conditions with better outcomes for you. In addition to being experts in treating IBD, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and other GI conditions, our gastroenterologists have the highest adenoma detection rate in the area. This means we stop colon cancer in its tracks early and can help you feel better sooner.

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A colonoscopy is the best way to detect and prevent cancer before it reaches critical stages. Our Wellington and Jupiter gastroenterologists perform colonoscopies that can identify over 95 percent of precancerous polyps. The polyps get removed during the procedure as part of the treatment. After the colonoscopy, the polyp tissue samples are sent to pathology to specify if cancerous cells are present. Colonoscopies are conclusive treatments that serve as a preventative measure to benefit your GI health by eliminating any problem polyps before they progress into a critical stage. This is why a colonoscopy is considered the gold standard for the detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

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The standard and most common types of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These diseases affect around 1.6 million Americans, with many receiving a diagnosis before 35 years of age. IBD is a chronic condition. This means it can be maintained and treated but not cured. Every year around 70,000 new cases are identified in both children and adults.

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